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Concerta and rapid breathing

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OK, 10 plus years ago I took, Ritalin, Dex, and Adderall with SSRI's and Clonazepam. I felt that they were very helpful with few side effects.(treated for depression)

Now bipolar, take Lamictal, Lithium, Seroquel. I've gained a lot of weight on atypical's and I smoke.

If I just take the Concerta(36mg) first in the am, I have rapid, maybe shallow breathing..not sure if I'm short of breath but it's an uneasy feeling. If I take my clonazepam and Lamictal all at the same time it's not that noticeable.

I want to continue with this class of meds, especially Adderall if possible,, since it worked so well in '01-'02, but I don't particularly want to drop dead doing it.

Any thoughts?

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I always tell my pdoc what's up. I've had Elvis and 3 others that it could be anxiety related. I think it's this particular med because I've read of young people having this on Concerta but not on say Adderall.

Even though I'm not in the best of shape I had tons of testing while hospitalized for 6 days for NMS related fever. I think I was tested for everything they could think of.

I won't push it but will chat w/ doc. I'll gladly continue to live this miserable existence without meds that work-it's practically all I know.

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