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'who the hell am i?-- not a clue... :D'

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Hello! I'm happy (well, figure of speech) to be here. what to say without going overboard, hmm...

i was once a semi-average student trudging along in academia when during my first week of sophomore year i 'lost it'. Over the course of a few months i went inpatient a couple times. Diagnosis were thrown around like monkeys with s**** but overall the debate of whetheri was bipolar or not became a 'not'. I tried to get my life together, did outpatient groups, etc. it was a mess. i desperately wanted to get back to school, to shrug off these labels and 'get on with things' but as it turned out i was back inpatient after a couple months back in school.

Finally my drs decided i needed 'long term treatment' and lets just say there are many stories to follow on what happened.

I eventually got into a long term hospital that i'm sure yall have heard of. It was off and on helpful. I was off and on open to help. i got kicked out, sent to rehab, and from that adventure i decided i needed to take things seriously. time was running out.

i was there overall for two years and now am back out in 'the real world'. i actually dont prefer it. i dont like inpatient but i wish i was still in the residential center. my most true friendships were back there, and although it appears i've moved on, i haven't really.

i'll say more if it warrants, but that's my very PC story thus far....

i look forward to meeting yall

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Thanks all! Yeah, that was the sort of saying with the hospital i was at...for 'treatment resistant patients'. heh, but turned out you could only resist so much.

what do you guys like to do on here, blogging and or/ answering stuff? i'm not entirely sure how to get started...(though i guess i did, haha)

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