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17 years later....

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haroooo! I'm new to these boards but am an old hand at the crazy and crazy meds. i used to post on another forum, but just kid of dwindled. Have just returned from appt with psychiatrist (pdoc?) who is starting me on a new drug, agomelatine. Have been doing some reading and I'm all excited!! my dx is bipolar 2 and I've been on the merry-go-round of medication since I was 17. I'm 34 and still here, still hoping each new drug will help. I'm just at the end of a relationship with a great guy, but like my other relationships, the lack of libido coupled with the hypomania and psychosis conspired to make things really difficult and he's gone. Don't really blame him. Imagine my excitment when I read that this drug claims not to squash your libido?? I do have one question though...Am I hopeful because a) I never learn and it'll all end in whiskey. Tom Waits and tears, or b) because despite this mountain of crap.....I' an optimist???

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