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Hello again

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Hi! I'm sort of new.

I didn't log in here for about a year and a half, and I forgot my password. When I went to retrieve it I realised there was probably too much identifying stuff on that account, (e.g. my real name, approximate location, MSN address, and probably my bra size,) and that also I've changed a lot in that time and I'm not sure I'm really the same girl has had that account in the first place.

So: 4122.png

I'm 24, and I'm a junior doctor. Currently writing my application for psychiatry specialist training, or rather, procrastinating and rejoining various internet forums when I should be writing my application. D'oh!

I have Bipolar Disorder. I'm sinking into a depression, which is largely my fault for a number of reasons. I let myself go a little bit hypomanic last rotation - I was doing a lot of on-calls, which is basically working for 31 hours without a break. The combination of sleep-deprivation and not being able to take my bedtime crazypills when I have to stay up all night was guaranteed to bring on a hypomania, but I kept a lid on it with the daytime crazypills, and channelled my energy quite well, so although the staff were aware that I wasn't well, they were just pleased there was someone bouncing around the office getting all the work done.

However, what goes up must come down, and when better to get depressed than when you have a new boss to impress? I haven't got out of bed in a week, except to wander inanely to the fridge, wondering whether my two celery sticks, pot of mustard and diet coke have mysteriously transformed into some sort of nutrition. They haven't, and now the celery's gone brown and started dripping through the shelf, so I think maybe it's time to put some jeans on, cover my manky hair with a silly hat, and see whether Tesco have paper plates and anything with vitamins that doesn't require effort to prepare.

Apologies, that was less of an introduction and more of a ramble. Sorry :rolleyes:

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I'm glad you came back. We'll slap you around a bit and send you out the door to the market with your silly hat. You can wear your pajamas if you want to. :)

Let us know if you have any questions, and welcome to Crazyboards!


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Managed the Tesco run in purple jeans over my pyjamas, and a hat with kitty ears and a tail. At least I look as mental as I feel.

I'm trying to write my speciality application, and the only answer I came come up with for "why would you be a good psychiatrist" is that I've been most kinds of crazy and I'm not dead yet, so I must know how to survive madness. I suspect that's not going to get me a job... I'm rereading Mount Misery for inspiration, or possibly as procrastination, I'm not sure which.

It's nice to be back :)

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