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still blonde after all this lol...

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:) hey all im a newbie took me awhile to figure out stuff still learning lol ,, i been bipolar 16 yrz on and off , medz of all kindz in and out of all hospz . i have 2 girlz sara and ginger  sara is 16 and ginger will be 19 n jan but she was rape n killed 5 yrz ago at age 13 by x hubby best friend.i am single mom jus sara n i i live n alabama , i jus started taking topamax i hope it workz,i have no friendz really hard to trust anyone alot of reason one is ginger dying and the other some think im nutz and the other half think biploar is fake ,i stay to myself alot, i help out right now at my mom n dadz , and i have 3 other sisterz and 1 brother , my grandma had a stroke and is at home bed ridden so we care fer her 24/7 and it is hard.i dont know i feel so very alone , im lonely and sad im not depressed really jus n a strange way you could say, bad marriagez 4 to be exact the 1 after my daughter murder dont count i was really whacked out and off medz and run off with a stupid man after court,, lmao so i dont count him ,( I dont have 2  RIGHT)

anywayz, i hope this site helpz to make some friendz i hope im not the only one who did dumb ass thingz and stay fucked up alot thru life  ;) i go to a counsler once a month they say im diffuclt dont know what type bipolar i am.  this botherz me really but i dont guess it should  lol , ok enuff  on & on bout me..... hope to hear from some of you . i do get some very blue dayz also  but im a damn good listner too u ever neer a ear plzzz email god bless all


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