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We've already got one for Prozac, so let's see how this one goes.

In the past I have had episodes of MDD, and despite the big three SSRIs (Prozac, Paxil, and Zoloft) helping me greatly with anxiety/OCD isssues, only Prozac helped my depression.  And, I felt wonderful on it after it kicked in after roughly 3 weeks.  Unfortunately I had to stop taking it due to side effects.

Tried Effexor at 300mg, and did not feel much.

Well, this is my third time on Zoloft (don't ask why I have been on and off so many drugs, - I can't even remember myself). I am back at uni and although I did not experience panic attacks my anxiety creeped up due to stress.  I thought that I would go back on something that had worked in the past, so a chose Zoloft.

Took only about a week to kick in, and My God, I have never felt so good in all my life!  And remember, I WAS NOT DEPRESSED (I was down, but not depressed) at that point in time.  I feel like dancing, and I have been like this for the past 9 days. 

Will it last? 

We shall see.

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I kept dancing as well, it started with the waltz, then to the breakdance, and then to the mosh, and back again. :)

Thats how it worked for me anyways. The dance just kept getting faster and faster until I was tripping over my toes. But in the end I am more content, happier, social, and happy with life. ;)

You don't even realize how bad  the depression is until you come out of it. Just hold on tight, and don't fall off the wagon. Have something to bring you down if you think your going too high B)

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I left out something important.

When Prozac worked for me, I was also on Risperdal.

I am currently taking Seroquel with my Zoloft.

The AP+AD combinationcan can really kick ass.


thats good that the zoloft helped you.... i wanted to kick that little zoloft ball guy in the commercial for awhile ;)

i started 25mg zoloft 3 days ago so hopefully it'll be as successful as you've been!  ive already noticed that im not sleeping 12+ hours a night anymore.. yay... tho part of that might be coming off the meds i was on before this

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I am on 200mg by the way.  I see no reason to go any lower.

I am not bothered by side effects.

Well, apart from delayed orgasm that is, which pisses me of tremendously.  A lower dose does not seem to make this any easier however, so I will stick with this.

I think that this dose even helps my tourettes symptoms a bit.  It certainly calms the compulsions.

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