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Remeron and ... ?

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Hey all-

Currently I am on remeron (15mg) and paxil (20mg) and I'm looking for any suggestions on what else I can try to rid these crappy feelings. I started with the paxil only- and that did nothing at all, no side effects, no change- nothing. I have also tried lexapro in the past which did nothing- so I'm thinking I may be unreactive to ssris.

So far I love remeron- I am a very tiny person, so the increased appetite is something that is appreciated. I have gone from 118 to 124 in 2 weeks which is amazing- unfortunately its not enough weight for me to really see or feel a difference- but i'm hoping I will gain more.

My doc wanted to add wellbutrin next (which i have tried alone in the past- just made me nauseous- stayed on it for maybe 4 wks), but she was worried about interactions with the rem & paxil.

Any ideas of what I could add to the remeron.. I dont care about the paxil.. so I am definitely willing to drop that.

I know there is effexor and cymbalta... but i have heard that they (& wellbutrin)can make people lose weight or counter the weight gain from remeron.


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Well.  Coming off of paxil isn't a whole lot of fun.  It's not as bad as effexor and cymbalta, but it's the worst of the SSRIs as far as discontinuation goes.  For that reason alone, it might be worth a shot to try maxing out the Paxil dose before you go off it. 

You can double the dose of either one of those meds and still not be at the recomended max dose.

There should be no interactions with those three meds but it would make more sense to try higher doses of the two you are on first.

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