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Falling asleep, BANG awake

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This happens to me quite frequently (some weeks it is almost every night) and I just don't understand what is going on.

It often hapens when I fall asleep quickly (normally it takes me a good while to fall asleep) - I nod off and then a short while later, I wake up again. Not with a jerk (as is usual I think, I do get that occasionally but this is different, I don't jolt or have a racing heart etc.) but just like that.

Usually, I am WIDE awake afterwards and have trouble falling asleep again, and I also seem to 'forget' that I have already gone to sleep for the first few seconds, so I often end up snuggling up to my partner again, and kissing him goodnight all over again. Then I realise and feel silly!

It's almost as if one half of my brain goes to sleep, then the other wakes up to do its goodnight ritual, waking the sleeping half up again

Can anyone shed some light?

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