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Hi there. Long time listener... first time caller...

Well, not first time caller. I've been around off and on since 2007, mostly in blog land but only occasionally topside.

I'm honored that the mod group invited me to join them. CB has been one of many factors that has helped me move toward a higher quality of life even in the midst of despair.

My personal experience is primarily with PTSD and secondary flavors of OCD/GAD NOS. It's been a 15+ year journey to get to a place that feels mostly like remission (by and large absence of symptoms) headed toward full recovery. I've run the gamut of therapies, medications and their unwanted side effects, some "holistic" or "alternative" treatments, and have found the use of a psych service dog to be an amazingly effective tool for me.

My professional life includes working in the mental health field. However, I'm here as a peer support. Nothing I write should be construed as professional advice or creating a therapeutic relationship. You should also know that this is where I deal with my own crazy.

If you think that you have met me in a professional context, we should probably talk about that directly so there's no confusion of roles or relationships.

I also believe its nearly impossible to "over communicate" in the absence of nonverbal cues.

Please PM if you have questions, are new and not sure, or just want to say hello. I don't bite hard unless you ask me to and we have a safe word.




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