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Hi everybody :)

I've been going through diagnosis and re-diagnosis and treatment for the last six years or so. Finally last year I had a proper evaluation which resulted in yet another diagnosis. One of the positive things to come out of the treatment was the recommendation for group therapy, which I have had success with in the past. Unfortunately, there really isn't anything available in the area. So, my psychiatrist recommended that I visit this site in order to find out more and get to know others who might be wrestling with similar things as I am.

I can't remember all the medications I've been on in the last six years, but after about four or five hospitalizations (also lost count) I've been ADHD, Bipolar II and Schizoaffective (bipolar type). I'm not an expert in those diagnoses (nor do I know much about their standard manifestations), but I have come to be fairly good at managing my own symptoms and recognizing warning signs in myself.

I'm excited to find a group of people who are promoting awareness and getting a community together! I'll try to upload some artwork soon, and hopefully I'll find time to look through the information available and contribute in some way.

Thanks for being!

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