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Hey Nuts and Bunnies and Fellow Cray Cray's

Apparently I posted 26 posts back in THE DAY. Back in 2007.

I remember being kind of addicted to these boards, and how I'd troll the topics all night and day and while I was undoubtedly suffering from SOMETHING (isn't everything co-morbid these days?) I, at some point, probably came to the conclusion that obsessing about being mentally ill wasn't helping any kind of mental illness I was trying to discover/treat/fight.

Soooo anyways, I'm back.

Now that I'm 28, there is little doubt left in my mind that there is, indeed, something very "wrong" in the brain that happens to be encased in THIS skull.

A little bit Bipolar (heh - is that even possible?) a decent amount OCD (of the personality variety, or no - perhaps, chemical - no one can see but me...) and recently took the MMPI to discover....schizo?!? Now, we shouldn't be interpreting scores ourselves as untrained non professionals now should we. DEFINITELY ADD. Adult Variety (sexy right? not sexy).

Glad to be back, I guess.

Meanwhile I am crawling rapidly out from this self described "pit of despair" with 50mg Pristiq.

Trying to keep hypomania at bay with a benzo, I guess.

I've never had consistent care, or access to a psychiatrist I trust. For now I am working with a GP which is less than ideal, but he is very very good, a family friend, and because I am uninsured he treats me for free. So I gotta do what I gotta do.

Looking forward to dialoguing more with you.

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