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Hi, while posting in the migraine forum, it occurred to me: Is it okay to take triptans (in my case, Imitrex tablets, and Sumitriptan shots) with lithium?

I googled around for a bit, and found that it was okay, that it was okay for only some people, as well as that it should never be used, ever.

Triptans aren't mentioned at all on the PI. But I seem to be seeing some official looking warnings, and I don't know what is scientology crap and what may be real.

I tend to go through about 9 100mg pills of Imitrex (I need the brand name for the pill) a month. Rarely, I take .6ml shots of Sumitriptan. More like one every two or three months; I hate the side-effects.

My pdoc prescribed the lithium, and knows (or at least has in my notes) that I am on triptans. So does my pharmacy. I haven't received that warning you sometimes get when they find a possible cross-reaction.

But I am thinking in particular about the shots: The shots already have a risk of causing heart/circulatory issues, what happens when you add a salt to the mix?


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