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No sex drive on risperdal

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I've been on risperdal for a few months now and I have no sex drive at all.  When

I force myself to have sex I can orgasm fine but I never seem to be in the mood

to really get into it.  I want to ask pdoc about wellbutrin, but I don't think it's a

smart idea to start it now, as I've been having problems with mania/anxiety.

Can anyone relate?  Any suggestions? 

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Yes I know, Bianca, thanks for replying.  I just hate that my sex life is dead.  I

used to have sex at least 4 times a week, now NOTHING!  My mania is fading away

along with my libido.  I lived a good part of my life in a hypomanic state and

really enjoyed sex.  I think if my mania stays away for a few months pdoc will add

wellbutrin, he's really great at listening to my suggestions.  It's a balancing act,

that's for sure.  Thanks again for answering my post!

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Anytime ;)

I really love being on these boards and helping others out.  I'm hoping my pdoc today will put me on it since the little anxiety I had has disappeared.  I think its a good idea for you to wait and see how you do for now.  I've been waiting for 2 months to have an O with my boyfriend.  I think you can wait a bit too :)

Can you change any of the meds you're on to maybe counteract the side effect?

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I don't think it would be wise to change my meds right now, kinda hanging on the

edge of sanity at the moment.  I did have sex last night, first time in a while, but it

just didn't feel right!  Maybe this is what sex while not manic is like?!  I can't have

an O to save my life.  Is this why wives everywhere say "Not tonight dear, I have

a headache?"  Now I am turning into an asexual housewife-


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Well, doc raised my risperdal to 1 mg and added wellbutrin.  I am much more

horny now but haven't had sex to really test this combo out.  It seems the

wellbutrin is giving me more energy.  How are things going for you?

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I've felt that way, like I *usually* don't really want sex until I'm having it- since I started Paxil about 5 years ago.

I just tell myself that I should have sex/need to/want to, and I do, and it works itself out. I'm happy that I want sex while I'm having it and don't get weirded out about it.

Anyway, it is a good sign that you can still have orgasms and want sex, even if that wanting happens in the middle of the deed!

If I turned into my mother I'd be a manic lady with 5 boyfriends! hahaah

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