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Anyone on risperdal & lamictal?

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I should add that I also take klonopin, usually just on occasions when I am having

sleep or anxiety issues (like now.)

My main meds are risperdal & lamictal and I'm wondering who is on this combo?

My lamictal had to be lowered cuz of mania and my risperdal had to be upped.

Trying to find a balance since this combo does seem to help my depression,

suicidal feelings, paranoia and obsessive thoughts. 

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I take Lamictal, Risperdal and Depakote.... I need the depakote to help with mania/hypomania-  so pretty similar combo I guess!

I do have anxiety also,but normally the risperdal helps calm me/make me sleepy (I just switched to it from Zyprexa). 

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Thanks for the reply yogamomma.

I am just coming down from a mania and I am feeling blah and unmotivated. 

At least I'm not obsessing, ruminating or suicidal.  I wish I could raise my lamictal

but the times I tried going up on it I got irritated, aggitated and basically became

a bitch.  Pdoc is reluctant to add an AD at this point since I just came down from

a horrid manic state.  I am med sensitive so I guess I'll just trudge along and

hope it gets better. 

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