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adderall lifts mood?

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  • 2 months later...

Yeah, and sometimes its like this burst of this amazing awesome feeling.


-> Nice slow euphoria

-> Everything is so awesome,perfect,calm

-> "Life is just the best"... Love yourself, love everyone.. everything is just so full of love and happy

-> Everything is just so so super and wonderful,magic and just omg it is truely amazing... AND sometimes it can be like this amazing amazing feeling coming from your chest right up to your head

-> Will do anything "good" for yourself or anyone

-> Your like super helpful,kind,nice,sweet,pretty,love

-> Everything will be good, life is the best. Everyone els is awesome, the clouds, the sky are just so amazing

-> Feeling of giving a big warm hug to the whole universe and saying your the best and like its so awesome

[+] Love,happy,relaxed,calm,awesome,like,kinda,sweet,amazed,cozy,awesome

Enjoy !

On the side note:

Its pretty weird how people say stimulants mess you up , make you crazy and all this?... It makes me wonder about those people... Its like they think they know better for everyone els :(

But yeah, I got a burst of that before that lasted for a couple of minutes... I am thinking back on it now, it was just the best.. AND no addiction/dependence,etc on it.. I don't feel like I "need" that feeling or even "want" it...

Enjoy life. Be happy ! face-smile-big.png

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