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Hi everyone,

I just joined last night. I have never been part of a chat room or forum before but I have read as much as I can without joining. I guess I felt like if I joined I would be really losing it, but now that I've been in chat I've found some really supportive people. It's amazing how the people on here care more about me than my friends... even though I don't even know you guys!

So here goes, my "issues." It started with drugs. Then i started making myself vomit...that only lasted a few months thought. Then I was diagnosed with depression, anxiety, and panic. In high school I cut a little but not much. In the years between, I have burned myself a few times in desperate moments. On Thursday I cut again for the first time in years, and now I am feeling like it is the best outlet I have. I am starting to think I also have Social Anxiety Disorder since I can no longer be with my friends and go out like I used to.

I live in New York City, and sometimes it feels like the worst place on earth. Everyone is all about themselves and thats it. My friends only like me when I want to have fun, they are not there for the bad times too. I guess I am just looking for people to talk to and people that won't think I'm crazy...

I guess that's all I have for an intro.. Thanks for being so welcoming CB!


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