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Greetings from Missouri!

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Hello everyone!

I just found this board this morning after searching for information on my medications and weight gain.

I was diagnosed with Bipolar II about two years ago. My symptoms were horrible insomnia due to being manic/hyper, followed by periods of not being able to get off of the couch. I've also struggled with anger since I was a very small child.

I'm currently on Lexapro, Klonopin, and Depakote. I used to take Xanax and Ambien but didn't like either.

The anger issue is so much better, but I'm still struggling with depression and motivation. There are entire weekends where I don't get off of the couch or shower. I think the worst part of this is that I don't look forward to much of anything. I used to absolutely love traveling, shopping, going out with friends, and being active in general. Now, it's nearly impossible to get me to do anything. I'm afraid this is hurting my marriage because my husband loves to go out and do things. He has to basically drag me off of the couch anymore. I'm so afraid he's just going to get tired of the fight and leave me.

Aside from my mental problems:

-- we just finished rehabbing a turn of the century house that we love

-- I'm a Mom to 2 Cairn Terriers

-- I have a great job in technology (and need to get better so I can keep it)

Thanks for reading!


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