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I have a question hope someone out there can help me with.

Started geodon 20mg for the first time last month. Was on it just about four days when I started to get burning on my skin..legs, arms, face, even inside my mouth and throat. There was nothing visual just an intense burning sensation and chills.

  Unfortunately I'd started an unrelated med and no one was sure which the burning came from. I discontinued both. In 5-6 days the burning was gone.

Now a month later am retrying the geodon. Am into the fourth day once again,  last night had some burning an hour after the pill. Not as intense as the first time and it  subsided somewhat within a couple hours..but today I have had some burning all over thru out day, not as much as right after the pill tho...Am suppose to double the dose every week, but if the burning doubles too...not good. I find it hard to believe the small amt. is doing so much.

Has anyone ever had this and would someone know if it'll pass in time, if I can stand it that long. Thanks.

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Guest Guest_Mike_*

I have been taking 20mg's of Geodon for the past 7 days and I am experiencing the same sensations. I get a wicked burning sensation about 1 hour after I take it. It's almost like someone is rubbing Bengay on me. I am not going to take it anymore after today. I am just going to take my lexapro. That doesn't seem to have any wicked side effects.

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