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I am a newbie and this is the first forum that I have joined.

I have not been diagnosed with any disorders, but there are a few that I can guess that I may have.

The main ones that I would say are social anxiety and depression. I do not take any pills or do anything about it.

I do not remember the last time that I could really say that I was content, but the social anxiety I feel like started only a few years ago and keeps getting worse.

I used to hang out with friends a lot and always want to go out and party and do stuff, but now I stay home most of the time and do not like and am scared to meet new people and go places. I am 24 years old.

I feel like I do not connect with anyone and do not even like anyone.

What is wrong with me and how do I fix it and is there anyone out there that will get me and care about me??

Well I don't know how forums work, but thought I would start out with my introduction and see where it goes from here.

:( Walnuts

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Walnutss -

Welcome to Crazyboards. We're glad you're here. We're a peer support site for "Mentally Interesting" folks from all around the world who discuss what's wrong with their heads, how they cope with it, and how their doctors go about treating them. What you'll find here are friendly, open people willing to listen to you and share their experience. What you won't find is professional medical advice - no one here is qualified to diagnose you, and even if they were, it would be impossible over the internet. We advocate for our members being active participants in their own treatment, which means learning about mental health issues, and seeking professional help in the form of psychiatric medications prescribed by a psychiatrist, and therapy provided by a psychologist or licensed clinical therapist.

If you're unaccustomed to forums, take some time to read around; we've split the boards into sections and subgroups dealing with mental conditions, pharmaceuticals, dealing with life with mental illness, and so forth. There is also the opportunity to start a blog if you like, or upload images to form your own gallery. As you begin, please do take a moment to review the New Member guidelines, and if you have any questions or problems at any time, don't hesitate to contact any Moderator or Administrator via Private Message.


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Walnutss, most of our members are pretty careful about preserving their anonymity. The internet is a dangerous place, and we don't encourage people to give out too many personal details about where they live. If no one responds to your question about living in your area, it may be because they don't want to talk about where they live.

Be sure to read the user agreement so you understand how we operate.

Welcome to CB!


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I agree and its nothing personal. This really is a good place to check all this type of thing out without worry. Its just nice to be able to talk to real people who have been there and done that. I think...

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I think I have the panic disorder too! lol. my ex boyfriend told me that i worry way too much. isn't that "normal" though? i think everything i was worried and anxious about was what everyone would normally worry about like for example having enough money to pay rent.

i thought he worried too little. is there a disorder for that?

i wish i could go to a doctor to get diagnosed and prescribed. i don't have insurance/money.

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Oh yes, WAY out there.

I'm so eccentric I'm barely orbiting.

Welcome to Crazyboards.

Some sort of social anxiety I know of.

(In my case it comes with the Asperger's syndrome, and not having much of an instinctive appreciation of how the social world works: personally I discovered I could study that, however, just like a foreign language, to increase understanding and confidence)

Again welcome, Chris.

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