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Diabetes or Tardive Dyskinesia

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I don't have either of these but, I would like to know which you guys think is the lesser of two evils? Seroquel has the lowest rate of td mainly I believe from the loose d2 affinity. Where as a drug like latuda has the most potent d2 affinity I know of. Its more than risperdal which we know has shown high rates of td. So I would assume td with latuda would be worse than risperdal. Plus theres a clear correlation between eps symptoms and td as well. I remember reading that atypicals fit into the receptor better than typicals causing less rates of td and bind more loosely. But drugs like risperdal/latuda seem to be basically typicals with an atypical name. Drugs like seroquel and clozaril seem to fit the atypical definition better.

I'm seriously thinking about dropping the latuda and just taking a high dose of seroquel like 800 mgs. I will probably get diabetes like I did earlier when I took zyprexa but from what I know diabetes is easily controlled where as if I get td then theres basically no way to prevent/get rid of it. But i'm still not 100% sure if latuda is as bad as the typicals as far as td because I could be missing something. But from what evidence I have latudas td may be the worst for any of the atypicals and as bad as the typicals.

So what do you guys think is td worse than diabetes or is diabetes worse than td. And yes I know the argument of how nobodys ever died of td but people die of diabetes every day. I understand that but from what I know diabetes can be controlled with diet and exercise. Especially type 2 which is what i'm likely to get. I mean I can become a track star and prevent/cure the diabetes from seroquel. But I can do nothing to prevent td or treat it if I do get it.

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Its more than risperdal which we know has shown high rates of td.

I've had a close mate that has been on risperdal for nearly 15 years STRAIGHT. and he DOES NOT have TD... yet.

So there you go.

Again here is MY Theory about TD:

MY THEORY is " I " believe TD is inevitable. If you could live long enough to stay on the same antipsychotic. Typical or Aypical DOESN'T MATTER coz the % chance keeps going up and going up the longer you are on it.

I believe that just with the atypicals that genuine cases ( not that crap on youtube or anything off the net - no offence ) will EVENTUALLY happen mostly not sooner but A LOT A LOT LATER.

We are talking DECADES, could be even centuries.

So realistically most of us won't live long enough to get it or would stay on the same drug long enough.

Most of us will just die of some illness and the rest will just die of old age.

Put it this way, IF you could live forever you will get it... one day.

This is just My theory.

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