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A description of some of my tdoc experiences

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My favorite tdoc said his type of therapy was psychodynamic. My first visit he asked me to describe the psychotic experience I had. He was the first person who seemed interested and it felt good to be able to share it with someone who wasn't judgemental. He also had me draw 3 pictures: a house, a tree and a person.

Later he would sit across from me. He had a couch that I sat on. He didn't push me to change anything and it was comfortable, like a directed conversation. I'm not usually good with talking to other people, but I enjoyed these appointments. I went weekly and I started to feel better about myself.

I had gone to him because I have brief periods of dissociation, and they were occuring frequently. It happens mostly when I'm anxious.

I would give a description of psychodynamic theraapy, but I had another psychotic episode at that time and I don't remember things too well. At one point I became paranoid and switched pdoc and tdoc. Now neither take my insurance or I would go back.

After that I saw a therapist who focused on cbt. She was good at getting me to rationally analyze my delusions and to chip away at them. It was helpful, but it was hard at the time when my thoughts were being challenged.

Now I see one who is more solution-based, I think. It's not short-term therapy, but she helps me set goals and gives me tasks to work towards my goal. I'm only working on a few things so it's not overwhelming. This is the most work because I'm trying to make real changes. I took a break for a few months because I felt pressured to meet the goals. I just went back, but I decided to just go monthly so I have some time to work on the tasks.

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