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viibryd 15mg is great and nonactivating for me!

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i was on viibryd 20 for two weeks and it was great but it caused nerve pain so now my doc has me on viibryd 15mg (3/2's of 10mg tablets) and im doing amazing without going manic like i have on some other antidepressants!

i dont have any sexual side effects besides increased desire and sex lasts a bit longer but still feels great!

and also due to the gastro side effects my apetite is reduced and ive lost 15lbs since being on it without exercising! tho thats a good thing bc geodon made me hungry and this balances it out :)

i left a message for my pdoc but does anyone know if a pharmacy can prepare it in 15mg tablets so i dont have to cut the tiny tablets?? it is super time consuming bc i have big fingers and find it hard to position the teeny pill on my pill cutter

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