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question(s) on Lyrica (Pregabalin) for anxiety and agitation from other sources

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i'm really wondering why there are not many threads on Lyrica in here. whatever...

i would be really glad if someone with lyrica experience could explain these to me. i started Lyrica 100mg (50mg-0-50mg) 3 days ago and for the first two days it felt really good. no panic or social anxiety what so ever and i was also kind of euphoric. so here are my questions

1.is the euphoric stuff just an initial (side) effect that happens in the first days?

2.is it possible that lyrica starts after days or weeks or so and i'm actually not yet feeling the actual benefits i'm supposed to geet from it? (THE IMPORTANT QUESTION). i know the studies say it works after 1-4 weeks or whatever but i need personal experience. i dont believee those guys

3. Is lyrica any good for non anxiety related restlessness and agitation? i i have not so well confirmed diagnoses of bipolar and possibly some psychosis. i'm also on zyprexa and valproic acid

thanks for reading



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