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Edited to fix a strange smiley that showed up all unawares.

I have noticed a really weird side effect on Lamictal.

Way beyond the acne and breakthrough bleeding.

Time seems to slow down.

Like the other day, I started reading around 11am and figured at one point it was around 2pm.

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Heya seven,

Great name BTW.

I thought of that hypomania thing too.

In fact, I get scared every time something feels happy to me that I'm hypomanic instead.

I don't *think* so.

But I'll be watching carefully.

'Cos obviously I never picked up on myself going hypo before.

I wonder if it's just that I was so damn *slow* when I was depressed, for like 20 years with the occasional hypo break, that this is *normal* time in fact.


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I have something like this as well- I will wake up, look at the clock and then go back to sleep.  When I wake up again I feel like I've slept for hours- but its only ten or twenty minutes later.  I think its because I'm sleeping much better than I was.

Were you depressed before you went on Lamictal? When I'm depressed I feel like I'm ridiculously slowed down.  If you've suddenly come out of that maybe thats why you feel like you suddenly have more time?  I dunno. I hope something I said was helpful, your side effect sounds weird.

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Yeah, absolutely.

During the year before I got diagnosed (BP), as my life was falling apart, I noticed that generally my sense of time was erratic and unrealiable. One time look at my watch thinking that I had been working for half an hour and 3 hours had gone by.  Another feeling like hours to find it had been 10 or 15 minutes.  Towards my melt down I felt like a Daly painting sitting in my chair watching the second hand drag inexorably slowly around the dial.


I started doing time checks, trying to estimate the time and then looking at my watch as a way to guage my mind. Eventually I remembered a movie 20 years ago, possibly Clint Eastwood, where the protagonist did the same thing.  Used his watch chronometer to guage his sanity.

After I got on the Lamictal life smoothed out and I could tell week to week that my time sense was better and consistent.



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So far (this is week three, went up to 50mgs from 25mg) over the weekend, Lamictal has caused me to lose time.  I'll think I've been surfing the web for a short break between getting work projects done, and lo and behold 3 or 4 hours have gone by.  It's really freaky.  I'm gonna have to get a big clock and check it often!

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