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i have a bearded dragon!! his name is Finch. he's very sweet. are you good at word games?

Bad information on the Internet.   Do you tend to go for walks?

Jesus, cold and snowy. Do you have any food allergies?

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Probably Tuesday. It's day that I usually feel I should get things done - the old window of opportunity. Somehow I just don't get those things done.


Have you ever been to an Olympic Games or Commonwealth Games event?

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Well, I quit therapy almost a year ago and I just see my pdoc now.  Towards the end of all the therapy I was pretty much leaving each session wondering what on earth the point was.


Has being diagnosed and being on the treatment merry-go-round changed how you relate to other people? ie has it made you wiser? More tolerant?  Or nothing at all?

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I think I enjoyed it...I don't remember being scared or freaked out.  My parents never forced me to do it, so I was close to five years old when I finally sat on his lap. 



Did you believe in the tooth fairy? 

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I don't usually sleep with any windows open ever.  The only time I have is during the summer when our air conditioning broke and I couldn't sleep because it was so hot.  Opening the window gave a little cool air which made it possible to sleep then.


What's your favorite holiday?

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