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Goal: to remain emotionally and mentally stable on meds. Physically, to regain full function of my legs and to surmount both the horrors of lupus, the joint destruction of rheumatoid arthritis and the unpleasantness of Sjögren's syndrome.


I just want to LIVE everyday.


A GREAT question, jt.


What is the next step, mini-step, or movement towards setting your goal in motion?

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i have a bearded dragon!! his name is Finch. he's very sweet. are you good at word games?

Bad information on the Internet.   Do you tend to go for walks?

Jesus, cold and snowy. Do you have any food allergies?

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The next step is starting an internet search tomorrow. Of course, I'm procrastinating because I really should be doing it tonight but I want to be able to sleep.


Are the trees blooming where you are?

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Well, not now because it's dark, but generally yes. I have a big maple tree right outside my window.


Besides your home country, how many countries have you visited?

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