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7 minutes ago, jt07 said:

No. I am usually quite reserved.

What is the best way to deal with a chatterbox? 

i just walk away, or go home. often mid sentence


do you buy fresh food at a green grocer, farmer's market, or supermarket?

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i have a bearded dragon!! his name is Finch. he's very sweet. are you good at word games?

Bad information on the Internet.   Do you tend to go for walks?

Jesus, cold and snowy. Do you have any food allergies?

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9 minutes ago, Unstrung Harp said:

Bad information on the Internet.

good one, harp. :D 

i do like walks. however, they fall off my priority list when i'm busy or unwell. now that my degree is wrapping up i'd like to start walking in the evenings again.

do you have any houseplants?

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Early 20th century. I'd hang out with artists and writers and/or be a suffragette.

If you had to take three things into a cave with you to live for a year (not including a ration of basic food and fuel for cooking/heating), what would they be?

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No. Spiders around here will only bite you if you mess with them or step on them.

Have you ever seen/heard/experienced a ghost or paranormal activity?

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Not first hand, though I've heard stories from people. I have experienced what I've perceived as being maybe signs sent from the dead, such as certain songs playing on the radio at especially opportune times (I'm not generally someone who experiences delusions as part of my MI, but who knows). 

Do you like to do puzzles?

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