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The cold itself is fine it's the dark! If it's cold and bright or cold and snowing I like it!

Would you rather look like a Yeti but your voice is the same or look the same as you do now but your voice sounds like the screech of a velociraptor from 1993 blockbuster film Jurassic Park

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I can't see anything wrong with it, beautiful snake!

Funko are these awful toys that exist only to be collected. They are really ugly and all the same shape more or less, but the basic design is changed slightly to resemble some figure from pop culture.

image.jpeg.2a4cf031a047c0e1685e183388514292.jpegI do not understand why you would want this when you could have a real Buzz Lightyear.  Except that it would match your other plastic Funko dolls, which is why I say they exist only to tap into our love of collecting things and our love of things that look the same as each other sitting next to each other. The price point is between 10 and 20 dollars. I assume they mostly exist because people give them as presents to other people not knowing that they don't like them

Next question:

What movie, tv show, or book would you like to live in?

(please don't live in a painting, it freaks people out when you do that:


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Has anyone here read The Blue Sword and The Hero and the Crown, by Robin McKinley? Damar. I want to live in Damar.

So...but if you did have to live in a painting, which one would you chose? (I recommend against anything by Hieronymus Bosch or the final years of Francisco Goya, but you do you.)

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I thought I answered your question Gearhead! I spent ages thinking about it

I want something with lots of space 

I was thinking of this one but then i remembered that they were pumping raw sewage into the river at the time and it was smelly and you couldn't swim in it
A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte - Wikipedia

Maybe something like this random not famous painting
The wild artistic way: Connemara paintings seen in NY, London ahead of  April sale

but do i actually get  to go into the houses or are they empty because they weren't painted? Do I get to talk to the 3 people or are they frozen in time?

My question is "What is the smallest hill on which you are willing to die?"

(With the idiomatic meaning rather than literally)

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I’ve seen A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte in person. The reproductions don’t give a sense of how big it is. You could definitely live there. I’m sure the sewage has cleared since it was painted.

If your life had a theme song, what would it be?

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More likely it would be a Radiohead song but I thought that was funnier.

Do you believe in ghosts or did you pay attention at school? Sorry, that's just being annoying me recently. I'm the one with mental health problems and some people believe in ghosts. I don't know if I'm offending anyone by saying that. Otherwise intelligent people will say that they "felt a presence" while they were falling asleep and think it was a ghost. Fucking grow up! Sorry.

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I do not believe in ghosts. And, bonus info, I don’t give a shit if aliens exist, and will not until such time as they show up here trying to start something.

Have you had any strange weather events in your area in the last year?

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Neither. In our neck of the woods, we have RC Cola, which is better than either of them. But I gave up soda years ago, and was really only a cream soda drinker anyway, so my opinion in this case is useless.

How many beans make five?

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10 hours ago, Gearhead said:

I defer to the bean-counters at the IRS.

Children are a pain in the ass. Change my mind.

Not only did you not answer the question, you didn't ask one. Rejected. Try again.

(But in reply to the above, I would just say: Let the children come to me, and do not hinder them, for to such belong the Kingdom if God. )

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