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Wellbutrin Sr and Lexapro combo

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I am taking 10 mg lexapro (for 5 months now) which has helped immensely with my depression- went from crying every day, insomnia, ruminating, light anxiety to stable mood and positive outlook.

Then I am also taking 225 mg of wellbutrin - one 150 SR and one 75 SR in the day to help with my ADD (inattentive type) and to counteract the sleepy feel of the lexapro

I recently noticed that in the past couple months (I think since taking Wellbutrin), I have cutting my hair daily. I spend about 30 minutes pretty much daily, running my fingers through my hair, then finding little hairs that are out of place and snipping on them. I have never had behavior like this before and I don't know what it even can be called.

I have also noticed another unusual behavior. I will do endless internet searches for things I don't even want. For example, I spent 2 hours looking at shoes for sale when I have no intention to buy any. Yet my impulsive shopping habit has curbed ever since I have taken lexapro.

I am new to Anti-depressants, but prior to anti-depressants, I was taking vyvanse or ritalin. The only downside was that when it wore off, I could control my anger appropriately or my tears and I was a bit of an unpredictable mess come night time.

I know I need to go to the doctor, but I am the type of person who likes to educate myself and gather as much info. Is the hair snipping some kind of obsessive disorder or a mania?

I am afraid to make changes as this is the closest I have ever gotten to feeling good, but I am running out of hair!

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I take both lexapro and wellbutrin. Though now I have switched to aplenzin, it is the same med.

I take both pills together in the morning. This works best for me and my body chemistry. I do think my OCD behaviour increased a bit when I added the Lexapro to the Wellbutrin. But for some reason, I did much better with Lexapro 20 mg. than the 10 mg. It seems the higher amount had LESS side effects though that seems illogical.

At this point, I would definitely find yourself a pdoc or psychopharmacologist. These meds are very different for everyone and you really need to list your side effects for the doctor. Also, are you in therapy as well? That is key. Especially if these meds are new for you.

I did educate myself, along with some help from friends and family. I prescribed the wellbutrin for myself and got my medical doctor to write a script. I prescribed the lexapro after a conversation on the phone with a pdoc. But after that I found myself a psychiatrist. You really really need a doctor who knows these meds well. That totally saved me. I might have never dealt with the side effects or known which dosages to take, or figure out I needed a sleep aide and a benzo as well. You might discuss taking the 300 Wellbutrin XL, which lasts throughout the day, instead of taking two different SR's, which last only 12 hours.

I don't about the hair snipping but it does sound like obsessive behavior to me. Maybe not extreme or hurtful at this point, but nip it in the bud. Find a therapist and a pdoc. Educating yourself is very important, I am not trying to dismiss that. But you need a professional as well. These meds react differently with every single person.

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