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Hi folks,just found you guys and was thrilled to see so many others trying to survive in this crazy world, you know it is not us,it is everyone else that has a problem. The trouble is they want us to fit into their happy sunny stayfresh world and we are doing our best to do what they want,right?





now on- Cymbalta


Congestive Heart Failure


Try that Cymbalta on top of 10 other drugs, mmmm good!

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Pilot: "Someone help Yossarian"

"I'm Yossarian"

"Then help HIM"

"But I'm OK"

"Then help him, help HIM!"

"So if Nately wants to keep flying knowing he is going to get killed, he is crazy, but is doing what he is expected to do. And if he refuses to fly because he is afraid of dying that is normal so you will make him fly anyway?" said Yossarian. 

"That's Catch-22", said Doc. 

"That's some catch, that Catch-22!" exclaimed Yossarian.

Doc: "The best"

Welcome aboard!

Don't forget that we all benefit by supporting M&M Enterprises...er CrazyBoards, yeah that's it.    ;)


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