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Hi everybody! I'm Persephone, funny name ya i know.

I'm a part of rosie's system but ever since she got some mod power i don't want to make that account dirty, ya know? Let alone letting the kiddos like Mae post here - she's only ten.

anyway, i'm fifteen an I like to SI. I really do. I sorta kinda have some ptsd, too. But doctors are fucking scary so i never really tried to find out. I almost sorta trust her tdoc an it's been a freakin year! So, ya. Takes time. But, watch. it'll come to a head soon, just you wait! There's always some fun an exitement around here!

see ya round

Oh, also, may as well intro Cody Coyote as well. Hes my partner in crime, sorta kinda. He has anger problems. You might find that we're not very nice. not so much as Rosie. I'm not sorry.

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