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Hello all, I'm new to this so I'll try to be brief. I have delusional schizophrenia which is very well controlled by my antipsychotic cocktail. However, managing my negative symptoms has been a challenge. I take three antidepressants, but I'm still tired and under motivated. So, I've been contemplating making the switch from the three antidepressants I currently take to one MAOI like Marplan or Emsam. The trouble is that there isn't a lot of info out there about treating negative symptoms, especially with MAOIs, so any experiences would be great. The other idea was adding reserpine to my cocktail as a stab in the dark. I've never met anyone who has used reserpine and my psychiatrist has only seen it used on one patient. My main problem is lack of motivation and fatigue and I'm looking for suggestions from people who have dealt with it.



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