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User needs assistance with log-in

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This was posted in an old Blog entry of VE's:

Sorry to post this here, but I can not log into my account, and so I can not post for help or contact a moderator. I am not getting any error messages, but every time I log in to my account nothing happens. It worked yesterday. I dont know how to fix it. My user name is Moody, I hope you see this, thanks.

I replied:

Since I usually subscribe to blogs I respond to, I got a notification of this. If "nothing happens" it's probably an issue with your computer rather than your account here. For that type of thing, screenshots and computer information may be needed. Posting a new thread on the forum will get you more help than on a blog. I suggest you do that, if you haven't already. In the meantime, you can try clearing your browser cookies and cache, reloading CB in your browser, and trying again. That may be all that's required. If not, mention that you tried that in your forum post and go from there.


But thats the whole problem, I cant start a new topic, or contact a moderator, because I cant log in!!!

Sure enough, I looked and cannot post on the forums as a guest. So, I'm getting creative and making a sudo-blog-forum so Moody can have access to help.


If you feel like you can provide assistance, feel free to utilize the comment section to do so. Once it's fixed, I'll just delete the blog.

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I let VE know but he might not be available right this moment. As I said in the blog, for future reference, I have a lunarufina at crazyboards dot org email and some of the other mods and admins have made their emails public as well. It may be a good idea to check out some mod and admin profiles and note the information now in case something happens in the future.

and actually, my email is in my signature, at the bottom. maybe I need to make it bigger though. :P

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