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Hey, Newbie here!

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My name is Parapluie. It means 'umbrella', and is my favourite French word.

I'm new 'round these parts, so I just wanna say, Hi. Now I feel less like I'm just creeping around! I'm here cause I've just started adressing my general brain dysfuctions, and I wanted to be reassured that I'm not alone. So, it looks like I'm in good company.

I'm shy, so I tend to lurk, but I look forward to participating in this community. Thanks for reading and nice to meet you!

ETA: I can't type, hehe.

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My favorite French word is "pamplemousse," which sounds like something exotic, but it's just a grapefruit.

Welcome to Crazyboards. It's fine to lurk if that's what you are comfortable with. Please contact one of the mods if there is anything you don't understand.


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