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Cyanogen ROM - MyTouch3G 32A

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Ok, so I went the GingerYoshi route, but it's just become too unstable. I want to switch over to Cyanogen, but I need help with the details.

My hboot (which I'm guessing is just SPL) and radio for GY won't work for Cyanogen, obviously. However, I'm having issues figuring out which ones it needs. A lot of it is update "froms" rather than this goes to this.

The phone likes to go by MyTouch3G/Magic 32A/HTC Sapphire. I guess it's got it's own version of MI or something... seems like a rather confused little guy. No wonder he's crashing.

I'm seeing CM6 as being the last "official" version, with CyanogenMod-7.1.0-RC1 having a note (in one place) as working on it ok. If the 7 Gingerbread works, that's preferable.

I've been doing manual and not ROM Manager, but whichever gets it done works for me.

Can someone please tell me what SPL and Radio to use for each ROM version and if there are any specifics I need to know? I'm used to the Wipe -> Flash #1 -> Flash #2 -> Flash ROM method. (I always have to double check if hboot goes before radio or not)


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I think you will get more useful responses if you post your question here:


You just need to locate your model and go to its subforums.

Yeah, I glanced at the site and wasn't sure of the posting protocol. That'll definitely be my next stop if someone doesn't already know the answer from experience. Thanks. ;)

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