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Fuck. You.


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I may not get you. I highly doubt it. But I want you to know - YOU ARE AN ASSHOLE.


You want my identify. Take it. Doesn't get me jack shit. You won't do any better.

You're also an idiot for not changing that password when you had the chance. I was already in. Probably not used to getting caught in under an hour, are you?

Sorry... I would have done better - but I was eating dinner.

Kicking you out of a system I'm not even at felt good though.

You should also know that my restore for this one went nicely. I anticipate more of the same when I get home.

Oh.. and that attempt at taking ZoneAlarm offline was pathetic.

Yes, I DID see that. You know who ELSE saw that? The company logs and security who's going to be on your ass in the morning. I don't have money. They do.

Sleep well.

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