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hELLO All :) Just wanted to say hi and share my little story

I am a 37 y/o single mom/nurse. For most of my adult life I was dx with Anxiety and depression. I have switched careers teacher to nurse, had many short lived relationships (one was really good and i destroyed it due to my impulsiveness and inner turmoil) And just loved jumping from 1 thing to another in general....

I have been on the antidep rollercoaster for 13 years .(and tried 'em ALL ) But the last 3 years have been Awful even on effexor and Xanax. Panic attacks, self medicating with wine daily. and before my period i was a freakin psychopath. I have gained 30 pounds.I haven't dated in over 2 years. Basically I just worked and took care of daughter, drove her and her friends around, ate and slept. I stopped seeing any light at the end of the tunnel. I also did the crazy moving 3 times in 1 year in 2010. SO>>>I needed to do something drastic!

Recently I had a really bad crisis a month ago (panic attacks, crying constantly, didn't sleep for like a week, almost got in trouble for being late at work, lost control with teen daughter many times and awful night sweats etc etc. I was desperate.I found this great psychiatrist ( I had seem him back in 2000 but didn't do what he told me at the time. ) BUT he has really helped me alot. He has 40 yrs experience and is also really caring and gives u samples etc. And he listens, and really knows his shit. He put me on Abilify 5mg for what he calls BP "mixed " episodes and Lamcital- titrating from 25mg to 150 very slowly in case of the rash. This was of course, After we spoke (mostly I spoke/rambled for 45 min) and I filled out a short questionare. I was kind of scared of the side effects but he told me there are more s/e to many antidepressants and started me on a really low dose, He told me to wean off my antidepressant(effexor)slowly and I can still take Xanax if I need it. I don't know if it's too soon, but, aside from a bit of insomnia at 1st, I AM FEELING A LOT BETTER. I am feeling happier and more normal, a feeling I haven't had in a long time. I'm motivated, the crying spells stopped. The anger/irritability I used to get ....(believe me my 16 y/o is not easy to deal with, and she has the same shit I have) has improved greatly. I can now deal with her in a more rational, calm, non-emotional way . She has been on Zoloft for a yr for panic and depression.It worked at 1st, but now its not doing shit. I had just about given up on medication, but this man has been a life saver! FOR THE 1ST TIME IN A LONG TIME I FEEL HOPE :)

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I hope the lamictal keeps improving your mood. Yes, mixed episodes are very difficult and painful to deal with. I too have a teenager and a tween and know how difficult it can be to be a parent and deal with mood episodes.

Keep in mind that you have only opened the door to the kingdom of mental meds, so please communicate any needs with your pdoc in regards to any mood symptoms you have.

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    • By bpjett
      Doctor has me on
      200mg Lamictal [100mg bid]
      750 mg Depakote [250mg tid] 
      When I when to the pharmacy, they said there was a RED ALERT. I know that Depakote decreases the clearance of Lamictal, my question is by how much? Anyone know? Does the dosage of Depakote matter? Like if I went to 1000mg of Depakote would that increase my Lamictal level even more?
    • By Blahblah
      Forgot to take Lamictal yesterday (I took my other meds). Holy Hell, I took my dose today (on schedule) and I STILL feel awful!!  I've only been on 100mg....I thought Lamictal had a super-long half-life? Yesterday went like this:
      10am - up, had breakfast
      11am – slight Brain “swishes” started (was out the entire day)
      12pm – Stronger Brain zaps start
      1:30pm – Lunch (meat, salad/veg)
      2:30pm – Sudden extreme exhaustion
      4pm - more brain zaps =>  ZAP ZAP ZAP! 🤯
      7pm - Irritability starts
      11pm – Tea, bedtime, could not fall asleep (I haven't had insomnia in 2+ years)
      ...Night sweats…Restless legs.....
      12am – Ruminations, feel weepy
      ..Insomnia ensues…(Toss & turn, sweaty/achey all night)
      It's now 12pm,and I am STILL having brain zaps! I worry I’ll never be able ever taper, switch from, or withdraw from this med. You probably think well, with MI, WHY would you ever go off it? For me, longterm, these meds are band-aids. There is always a price.  Ok, maybe great at preventing acute/severe depression, but as a result, they rob me of any spark, joy, elation, happiness, libido, sexual sensation/response, feelings of reward, love.... This disturbs me. I used to know what positive emotions felt like…
      So I’m stable, existing.....but still lacking will or any interest in living....
    • By sming
      So about 5pm every day of late, my mood just turns black. I can't buy a neutral (forget positive) cognition or emotion, I start to feel and think very negatively no matter what I do. Of course, I'm feeling and thinking badly beforehand, but it just sinks to another level, or depth if you will. 
      So I'm wondering if it's a med (or meds) that I'm taking that's losing effect around 5pm. I take the following meds - yes, it's a crazy-looking brew I know, but it allows me to function somewhat - at 6am (in milligrams):
      200 Provigil, 2.5 Abilify, 40 Fetzima, 30 Lexapro, 15 BuSpar, 150 Lyrica, 10 Percocet and these at 2pm:
      150 Lyrica, 15 BuSpar and these 4 times a day, where the last dose is typically 2pm:
      15 Adderall 10 Percocet (for chronic pain) and these at 7pm for sleep:
      150 Trazodone, 50 Benedryl It's impossible to confidently predict a "culprit" but if anyone has any hunches, I'd love to hear them.
      For example, today I'm splitting (some of) the 6am batch into two and  taking the second half at 2pm as an experiment. I feel that empirical experimentation might be the way to go because the theory is too complex with this many psychotropic medications in play. 
      Cheers , Pete
    • By AbilifyedBunny
      Hello crazyboards,
      I wanted some feedback on the difference between typicals and atypicals...specifically Abilify versus Prolixin.
      I have been taking Abilify for years which means I have had to live with sh**y side effects for a while now.  I got to the point where I could no longer tolerate the side effects so I decided it was time for another med change.  Also, I finally realized that the Abilify could be a contributing factor to my weight problem.  
      My doctor suggested Prolixin and I agreed to try it.  I remember being on Prolixin for a short period of time in the past and I don't recall any awful or intolerable side effects.  The reason I quit the drug was an entirely different story all together which had nothing to do with the medication its self.
      I have been struggling to find the right medication for years.  I tried just about every option available to me with my previous psychiatrist.  The trouble is that the meds work but they all cause intolerable side effects.  Even the medications used to counter those side effects, have their own awful side effects.  Both my previous and current psychiatrist recommended trying the older "typical" antipsychotics at low doses.  Both of them said that their patients experienced less side effects on those medications at low doses, than with the atypicals.  Since I am already on a very low dose of Abilify anyway, I figured it was a perfect fit.
      I wanted to know if there are any marked differences between Abilify and Prolixin for the better or worse...in general and in terms of side effects.
      I had gotten used to the sh**y side effects of Abilify although some of them seem to have worsened or I have developed new ones over time.
      If this cocktail doesn't work, I am at the point where I am greatly considering going off of meds all together (safely by titrating down).  However, I don't really feel that being medication-free is an option for me.  Unfortunately, I am one of those people who seems to greatly benefit from medication and struggle without it.
      Ps. Another side note: I had to quit cannabis due to my medication which is a major bummer.  Ever since I started taking antipsychotics, years ago, cannabis began affecting me differently to the point where it wasn't worth it.  It began interacting with the meds and causing adverse effects as well as dulling the high. I am hoping this changes once I start taking typicals, seeing as they work a little bit differently.
    • By Blahblah
      I know many people here have taken Abilify longterm as an adjunct, but I am honestly worried about longterm side effects (weight gain, akasthia). I trialed it twice and it made me constantly hungry, wanting to eat everything (I tried both 2mg, 5mg), made me tap my feet a lot.
      I wonder if taking it only on the week that I am very symptomatic (week before menstruation) it would be effective? Is Abilify something that kicks in within a few days of taking it? My other thought was biting the bullet and using Risperdone for this week (which I really hated when I was on it daily, it made me a zombie, and my Prolactin shot through the roof)
      The symptoms I want to treat (happen @ 4-7 days per month) are: dysphoria, hypersensitivity, severe depression, anger, uncontrollable crying to exhaustion, suicidal ideations, ruminations, stress and some heart palpitations.
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