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You have manic depression? So do I.

Pot is NOT your friend. It is not good for your mental stability.

It can definitely worsen paranoia and hinder the working of your medications.

There is a world of things to do besides smoke pot.

College is such an amazing place with so many opportunities.

What a shame to waste it stoned.

Why don't you get involved in a political campaign. Help Obama get reelected??

There is so much volunteer work you could do, and clubs and organizations.

Don't waste your life stoned.

OH you could move to another dorm or dorm floor where people are more interesting.

I did that when I was in college. I moved out of a dorm filled with drunken idiots

and into a dorm where people took studying and their majors seriously.

It was a great decision. Mind you this was 1972. I still consider it one of my

best decisions. And though I was not diagnosed at the time I got much better

sleep in the new dorm which I NOW understand is critical for my Bipolar 1.

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You're in college, and you're bored? You need better friends. You need to take more challenging classes. If you weren't stoned, you'd probably have the motivation to do all sorts of things. I don't care for board games either. But learning rocks. And you're never going to have a better chance to do it. Quit wasting your time.

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These are all great tips.

and yeah, pot is your worst enemy when your manic. all i want is some stability but this stuff rips it right out from under me, when its barely even there to begin with.

and yet here i am, friday night yet again.. all my 'normal' friends goin out and smoking and drinking. i cant handle it.

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I definitely think that you should stop thinking of them as "normal" friends. If you want to live a sober lifestyle, you have to think of them as your smoking and boozing friends. Your new "normal" is going to be sober, so your friends will be sober!

Friday night and you live on campus? See if the student union is doing any activities. I'm sure there's lots of options for sober st. patricks day/spring break. Walk around and see if there's anyone doing anything that you like to do - going up and meeting people is one of the best parts of college, although it's easier said than done. Check out craigslist in the strictly platonic section and meet someone new to hang out with and drink coffee with tonight. There's people out there, you just have to make new habits instead of wallowing in your old ones.

At least you realize that pot is not helping your stability. That's an important thing that's hard for a lot of self medicating people to accept.

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and yet here i am, friday night yet again.. all my 'normal' friends goin out and smoking and drinking. i cant handle it.

You are a long term pot smoker. You are addicted to this substance for better or worse. Quitting will not be easy at all. And just like tobacco, the psychological addiction is much harder to deal with. Unfortunately, like an alcoholic wanting to go to a bar with friends, it will be very hard to quit with the stuff all around you, tempting you.

If you really want to quit. If you are really ready, tell your so called 'normal' friends right now that you are quitting. Tell them NOT to call you about smoking. Tell them. If you really want to quit, which you can, you have to tell these people to stop harassing you, stop bringing the drug around. Just living in that dorm will be hard enough.

It is not about boredom. YOu are still addicted to pot. You have been self-medicating with pot to stay sane, to keep going. Now you are going to have to drag yourself up from your bootstraps and walk up the mountain to the top, instead of flying. And frankly, life is about the journey. You fly to that mountain top, you learn nothing, do nothing. Walking is much much harder, much slower and sometimes boring. I don't think there is any one activity you can do to 'replace' smoking. Fill your life up as much as you can with whatever you want. Figure out your dreams.

One day at a time. Go a pot smoker/narcotic anonymous group. Are you in therapy?

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Guest Vapourware

Part of me is sympathetic, because it sounds like you're hooked on pot. Plus, I can understand how difficult it is to quit when it seems like you are swimming in a sea of pot.

On the other hand, and I apologise if I sound harsh - but you also need to make a concerted effort to remove yourself from the presence of pot, as much as possible. Yes, uni students tend to be quite liberal with their pot smoking, but there are plenty of students around who don't smoke pot. This may mean you will have to remove the friends in your life who are regular pot smokers.

I noticed in your signature that your rx is "me, myself and I". If that is an indication that you are currently not on any psychiatric medication for your bipolar - then you should make it a priority to visit a doctor. Bipolar is one of those conditions where you really need medication to stabilise.

Some people have already given you great suggestions about what you can do. I really like the idea of joining student clubs. At my university, there are clubs for basically anything and everything. I've seen clubs for learning circus tricks, from juggling to fire-breathing. I've seen student Humans vs Zombies events. The list goes on.

Something else you may want to consider is art of some sort. Perhaps you can learn how to play with an instrument. If you have some skill in drawing, perhaps it's time to nurture that skill. You may want to do some photography, and getting involved in photography for fun is not expensive. You don't need an expensive camera - in fact, you could simply start off with the camera on your phone, then upload it to your computer and play with effects. There are some free image manipulation programs available - The GIMP is the first one that comes to mind.

You might want to sit down and write a list of what you like doing, then see what non-drug options are there to fit your interests. For instance, if you like to be sociable and you also run every day - why not get involved in a sports club? Then you can be sociable because you would be playing in a team, and lots of sports involve a high element of running.

Anyways, good luck and I hope you can kick the habit soon.

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I've never struggled with this, so say what you want but, here's my advice. Take it or don't. It is what it is.

Your "friends" need to be made aware that you're trying to quit this. One of two things will happen: they will be a good support system (unlikely), or they will continue to drag you down. It really is that black-and-white. If you're serious, it's going to be a conscious effort. I think a lot of professionals would suggest weening, but I'm not a professional and that's a generalization. This is an addictive behavior and it's going to take a lot to overcome it.

As you cease to use, you should probably consider distancing yourself from the people who will enable you to continue with your addictive behavior.

Pony up, cowgirl. You're in for a rough one.

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You bill yourself as "magician/sorceress" yet you say that you cannot avoid weed? I call bullshit on that. Taking the title of either magician or sorceress indicates that you have great personal power and abilities that surmount what the rest of us more common mortals possess

However, this whole topic gives lie to the claims you make by calling yourself magician/sorceress and deems your self-proclaimed championship null and void. You are neither a magician nor a sorceress.

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Whoa. Calm down. Vape's little title thingie says "Magical Chat God" and no one thinks she has super powers (even though she really does). It's just a title and shouldn't be used to personally attack someone who has a legitimate problem and is trying to seek some help.

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Guest Vapourware

No, Indigo is talking about the OP and her member title. It says "magician/sorceress". I don't know if the OP was being tongue-in-cheek, but in certain circles [i.e. in pagan beliefs], "sorceress" has a different connotation, usually implying those with an extra ability or talents in reaching into other realms. "Magic" also has a different connotation, being more about touching other levels of consciousness rather than mainstream views of magic as illusionary tricks.

Although, Indigo is much more well-versed in pagan beliefs, and there's a very good chance that I've slipped up in my explanation.

[PS: Yes, I am a very magical being. Today I demonstrated the ability to type with my tongue.]

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Just like mine says "Where's the Pecan Sandies?" right?

Edit for further clarification: I know she was talking about the OP. I just don't understand what a person's member title has to do with an issue they are seeking help with. Vape, I was using you as an example because you just so happened to have "God" in your member title, sorry. No one here really thinks you are a god because of it. Well, some of us do, but I digress. The OP was seeking for alternate things to do for an admitted drug problem. I don't see what her member title has to do with any of this. That is all.

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Guest Vapourware

I can't speak for Indigo but I guess for me, if you're going to take certain descriptions, then it's usually beneficial to take on some characteristics of it. Otherwise, it kinda cheapens the meaning of the word, especially terms like "magician" and "sorceress" which, in certain circles, has connotations of power of some kind. Unless it was meant tongue-in-cheek, so in which case, then it would be a misunderstanding.

I guess one example would be people who describe themselves as "writers", but their output consists solely on a blog and various unpublished work that they write for fun. Compared to "writers" who are actually paid to write content - the former's appropriation of the term does cheapen the concept of a "writer" in general.

Anyways, I digress. I don't intend to sound pedantic.

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Meganhalley, no, if I was attacking the OP my comments would have been entirely different. If you do not see what the member title has to do, that is certainly not to be laid at my feet. Vapourware is a long term member who, in my couple of years of membership on CB, has changed her title numerous times. We all know Vapour.

The OP is a relatively new member, none of us, including you has any understanding of the intention behind the magician/sorceress title. It is as much my right to challenge her, and her title, as it is yours to call me on that challenge.

You do not like what I post, then you have a couple of choices, you can ignore me, or you can challenge me. You have decided to challenge me. OK, I am up for that. I take it very seriously when anyone, ANYONE, rises above the common denominator and pins the title of magician, sorceress, shaman, onto themselves: especially a new member who has not taken the time nor made the opportunity to define themselves, and/or make themselves known to the rest of us.

If you truly cannot see the difference between assigning the title of magician/sorceress and "Where's the Pecan Sandies" I ache for you.

EDITED to say: Thanks Vapour.

Edited by Indigo 'n dye
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I don't know if the OP was being tongue-in-cheek,

I have no idea either, and I don't think anyone else knows except the OP. I get that in certain circles, to name yourself as such, it's a very serious thing. I'm not well-versed in pagan beliefs, but my best friend is pagan, and I respect that and learn what I can from her. But it also could be that she's into role-playing or fantasy for all we know, and that's how she chooses to see herself in those situations.

My ONLY point here is that we cannot, and in my opinion, should not, assume certain things about a person simply based on their member title. I don't think anyone here should have to prove themselves to other people. Most all of us are here because we want support with our MIs and various issues that arise from that, and that should be enough for us to help each other out, especially when it's asked for. This thread--now hijacked in part thanks to me--was about things to do other than smoke pot and self-medicate.

Now seeing as I have some experience with that, I'd like to get back to that. To the OP: I think one of the best things you can do is spend some time figuring out why you smoke pot. Is it mostly a social activity? Does it calm you? Are you just bored? I found that I used it for various reasons, and as the urge to smoke came up, I tried to identify what it was that was making me want to smoke. Was I bored? Do something else (other people have suggested lots of things). Did I need to calm down? Take a time out (or whatever works for you). When you've smoked for as long as you have, it's going to be hard, but mostly, it will be habitual triggers you'll deal with more than physical ones.

Good luck!

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