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Basically I was put on a anti-psychotic for a short period of time before they realised I wasnt psychotic..

I was given a total of 4 Depixol injections in a 7 weeks period, 20mg, 60mg, 100mg and finally 200mg

When I was on the medication I was getting incredibly restless, I was having to jump up and down just to feel a bit better. Tossing and turning etc etc

I was also starting to lose focus on the higher doses, I was getting more anxious in social situations and just had trouble talking to people and doing simple tasks.

My last injection was on the 20th of December 2011, after about 3 weeks coming off of it I started to shake.. which hasnt dissapeared.

It's been 3 months now since my last injection.. I know it takes 2-3 weeks before it comes out of your system but I have now been dealing with alot of side effects I will list.

Ive been dealing with shaking/twitching/jolty movements, I cannot stretch or tense or even do regular things like walk down the stairs without shaking.

When I move body parts around like say my feet they will jolt around instead of moving fluidly. Bending down, reaching for things etc have all become such a task and now I have to think about before I do it.

My hands/feet etc just dont feel the same anymore, they just feel weird.

Also ive become very sensitive, positioning my body in certain ways or any kind of pressure can cause myself to twitch and jolt around..

It's hard to explain but just as an example say im sitting with my feet under my desk and I bend my foot which then slightly touches the leg of the desk it will cause my leg to suddenly twitch, jolting my foot away.

Im finding this all very uncomftable, Im constantly thinking about this.. I have no idea if its something to do with the nerves or muscles or anything.. I feel completely clueless.

Im also having some mental trouble aswell.. Slurring speech, trouble following conversations(just not taking anything in) my anxiety has increased more than it ever has been before, Im worrying about just going to the shops and telephone conversations.. just thinking too much about pronouncing words and such things like that.

Ive been through a number of other effects which have come and gone, sickness, eye blinking(whilst on the injection), another one which was a bit strange was having to look up I couldnt help but keep looking up? and many more but like I say these have come and gone.

Ive been back to the health service who gave me the injections and have told me it should be out of my system after a few weeks.. when I told them about the effects ive been getting they put it down to being a coincidence. Ive been to multiple doctors who have told me it should dissapear after a few weeks or a few months depending on the person.

It's been 3 months and being concerned I phoned another service who told me the side effects can last even upto 6 months.. Ive been told something different everytime.

I dont know what to do, Im worrying about this never going away.. Any advice or if you know anything, any information at all would be really appreciated, Thank you!!

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My only advice would be to follow the advice of the doctors and give it more time. Perhaps you could ask your doctor for some Cogentin or something else to help you deal with the symptoms? Are you taking any other meds?

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