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Hey guys. I think I've found a message board that I am absolutely in LOVE with here, from what I have read so far!

So I'm bipolar and have eating disorders and yeah whatever, blah blah blah. I can talk about that later. I don't want that to define me! (but yeah, I am depressed with a side of batshit insane) I do see a psychiatrist and am on meds.

Now for who I actually am:

I am a 21 year old (22 in two weeks) electrical engineering student from Michigan. Much like my state of mind, my location changes every three months. I'm either on campus taking (well, failing as of late) classes, or down in Southeast Michigan working as a co-op student. Yeah, moving at least every three months is enough to drive anyone crazy, right? I've packed up all my shit and moved 22 times in the last 3 years.

When I'm not depressed as shit and sitting around gaining weight like it's my job, I enjoy running, cycling, the gym, and being obsessed with nutrition. I just started bipolar meds so hopefully I can get back to that without having the anorexic tendencies. I still wanna run races and stuff.

I absolutely LOVE camping, hiking, singing "IM ON A BOAT" and actually having it be the truth, solving math and physics and circuits problems, reading, sometimes knitting (I can only do it for like 5 minutes at a time), listening to music, wishing I could get back into playing the oboe, and spending time with my absolutely facking amazing family.

I have 5 younger siblings. I'm pretty sure almost all of them have some sort of mental illness, as well as my mom. In fact, my entire extended family is as mentally interesting as they come. We've got just about every sickness covered. Holidays are a blast!

My favorite movies include Fight Club, Memento, and blah I can't remember right now (Lamictal is giving me the stupids). I should probably cut down on my caffeine intake too. (Coffee is my long term drug of choice.)

I can't think of anything else that is even remotely interesting. I've been spending way too much time on the internet and not enough making life experiences.

Oh yeah, and I might be an alcoholic. Or I'm a college student. Either way I'm trying really hard to cut down on that cuz it always makes me depressed for a few days.

I love Tiger baseball and the Detroit Lions and the Michigan Wolverines.

Oh I also really, really enjoy off-color humor. Of any sort. Tell me some good jokes!

Annnnnnnnnnnnd that is part of who the hell I am. Thanks for reading! (If you did...kudos)

Peace out,


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Welcome to the boards! Yarn lovers unite! I love to crochet and am just starting to learn how to knit. Knitting seems so hard to me. I'm like WTF? Cast on? Cables? What does all this stuff mean? I mean crochet is sc, dc, tr, half dc! And variations on that like bobble stitch and shell stitch and V-stitch. But see? Not too bad.

ANYWAYS, have fun here and jump right in!

Oh and p.s. I am an expert at failing classes until I finally dropped out for good. So if you need any help in that area let me know. jk Sorry I know it's frustrating and expensive and hurtful. But I have learned some tips that may help you NOT have to just give up and fail out that I wish I would have done when I was attempting college. Let me know if you would like some info on that subject.

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