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My first mixed state, waiting to see doc, tips on functioning till then?

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Ok I looked thru previous topics, they were all about how to stop it or "getting thru it", I need help on how to make functioning less of a beating, unfortunately I don't have the option of being able to isolate myself till it passes. I'll be seeing my doc next week, till then I need some serious helpful hints so I don't do anything I'll regret involving my work and school. Here's where im at:

I'm starting to not feel like a person! I feel like I'm about to crawl out of my skin. Don't wanna do anything or be around people. I'm forcing myself to do the simplest things, and it literally feels like I'm a bag of concrete. I'm not hurting, I just feel so heavy...it took so much effort to do my homework or even write this. I'm extremely unmotivated, cant concentrate, and dont even want to move, even if I'm just grabbing my phone or something. I just want to lay in bed and stare....I just wanna "check out" for a while. I don't really wanna sleep, I just want to just wanna be numb. Not all drugged up or anything, just soberly numb. I'm def coming down from the mania I met up with last week. I'm also thinking random shit outloud while I'm forcing myself to function ex: "ugh I just wanna go home"....When I'm at my house.

I'm irritable, scattered, and resisting the urge to completely "check out". I have no thyroid, Ive been having other symptoms that can indicate uneven levels. Getting bloodwork done next week, and gonna talk to doc about meds.

But until then I need to function, how can I make it less of a beating? I saw exercise, anything else?

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I'm sure exercise won't hurt.

The reason people are more concerned with "getting through it" than utilizing "helpful hints" to function, is that they feel so out of control that "getting through it" is the best case scenario. It isn't as if people on CBs with mixed episodes, unlike you, are intentionally *not* using "hints" to try to be functional. I think you could have phrased that better. It sounds a bit dismissive of other people's efforts during a mood state that is frequently considered the most difficult kind to cope with.

Even though you see him/her in a week, call your pdoc, and tell him/her that you are afraid of losing control. Maybe he can prescribe a med you can use temporarily; for me it was risperdal, and I came off of it after I stabilized. There are several different medications that might help. Don't try to stall, call tomorrow. Next week may be too long.

Maybe you are still waiting for your intake appt., so that your pdoc hasn't met you yet. If that is the case, if you can somehow just tough it out ,and function at anywhere near your normal level, please take notes, and share them with me. But at some point, you may have to make a decision between taking the "option" to withdraw, or causing an ugly scene. I guess you are the one who has to decide which will be more damaging to you.

Seriously, do you think we are keeping some technique for dealing with mixed episodes a secret?

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From the topics I read people already had their game plan, some had meds on hand for these episodes and others had better luck getting thru it by being able to isolate themselves and just letting it pass. As of right now, I have no game plan. The closest thing I have to one is trying to get my appt bumped up, or at least trying to go in for blood. After I go in for blood I still have to wait for results, there's a good chance that a lot of this could be caused by my thyroid(lack of, whatever!), if that's the case it might not be the best idea to be tweaking my cocktail until my thyroid levels even out. There's only so much that can done until we figure out the cause.

I've dealt with thyroid problems for a while. Bipolar? Not so much. I'm still having a hard time deciphering btwn my high-strung personality and warning signs of an episode, that's why I'm here asking stupid questions with terrible phrasing.

As far me thinking y'all are keeping it all a secrect, um no definitely not. Im lucky that I am able to function to an extent, but it's wearing me out. Making a scene is not a concern for me as of now, withdrawing is. That is what I'm trying to avoid while I play the waiting, with so many members, I'm sure somebody has gone thru the whole no-thyroid and bipolar mixed state. And there's people on here who had to wait for their meds to kick in after being stuck in a mixed state, hopefully they have some advice too.

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Honestly, you sound more depressed than anything else, but I'm not you. :) If you feel like withdrawing, then maybe that is what you need to get through until your appointment. i'm not saying don't go to work or stay in bed all day, but take it easy on yourself. Make shortcuts anywhere you can, don't take on extra tasks, go to bed early, do what is comforting to you. There really isn't some magic fix... just call the doc, eat as healthy as you can, get enough sleep, exercise, etc. If you can't do that, so be it. But def. call the doc. You don't say if you are already on meds... either way, you could prob get a sooner appt if you let him/her know how bad you are feeling.

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If you are not medicated/have medication plans, then really the best advice I can offer you is to take some time off and do some relaxing and calming things for a few days until you can see the doctor. If you can't take time off, do relaxing things after work/school, as much as you can. Also, call the doctor to see if you can get some sort of treatment via a phone call. A visit to the tdoc could also be beneficial.

"Serious helpful hints"? I'm not really sure what you mean by that, as all of our "hints" here on CB are serious and helpful. We don't live your life, and don't know if the steps we take to get through will work in your life/situation. CB is just a group of crazies, all in the same boat.

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I have no thyroid and a mood disorder that my pdoc is currently attributing to my thyoid issues, but as he says they don't know for sure if it's related or not. I know for me, I have had to work with my pdoc and family doc at the same time. pdoc adjusted my pmeds to help with the depression while my family doc has done bloodwork and adjusted my thyroid meds.

My thyroid levels are finally stable (or as stable as I ever expect them to be), my pmeds seem to be helping, and I am feeling better (not great but better), but it has been a long depressed journey. Things were pretty miserable for a long time, and I just had to hang in and do the best I could in the meantime.

When do you go in for labs? Do you get copies of your labs so you can keep track of where you are at and what levels you feel best at? Have you ever asked your doc to get labs drawn a few days before your appointment so that they have results in hand when they see you? Is it possible for your pdoc and family doc to talk so they can coordinate your care? Just a few thoughts of things that helped me get all this sorted out.

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      Well I seem to be in a never ending mixed state. Making some progress, the mood changes are softer, if that makes sense. But, my moods even confuse me, let alone the people in my life.
      My biggest struggle is recognizing when the depression comes that it is not permanent. It seems for ever, I do damage to myself when I get like that, mentally and physically.
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