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Adderall withdrawal and intense depression?

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I haven't taken Adderall in 4 days. It's PRN but I haven't been too tired and it makes me psychotic. I went from 30 mg XR to 15 mg IR. First few days were great, Wellbutrin was enough and Latuda has been a Godsend. But the last 2 days I have been moody like a child and crying ALL the time. This isn't like me. Depression hasn't been my issue lately, it's been psychosis. This is from the Adderall, right? And it'll go away? It's miserable, it's my birthday and I'm SO depressed. I don't want it to be the Latuda, it's been so good.

PS I have been getting good sleep, eating well enough, and it's not close to my period...thought I'd throw those in. However, I am getting eye surgery because being a diabetic for 20 years, my retinas have started to leak and it'll cause blindness if not treated and I'm scared. But I would have thought that'd cause irritability not sobbing.

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Oh wow, I got bored and looked it up, and I'll still post it in case others have the same question. I have all of these :( Source: http://prescription-drug.addictionblog.org/adderall-withdrawal-symptoms/

  • alcohol cravings
  • alcohol use
  • canceled treatment appointments
  • cravings and urges for Adderall
  • feeling anxious
  • feeling hopeless
  • feeling lonely
  • feeling sad
  • feeling uneasy
  • feelings are magnified
  • fuzzy thinking
  • increased irritability
  • lack of energy
  • lack of interest in 12 step meetings
  • lack of interest in exercise
  • lack of interest in treatment
  • mood swings
  • negative thoughts/feelings/actions
  • problems with memory and remembering
  • relationship problems
  • spending a lot of time alone

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It took about 2 and a half months to stop having them. Very rocky time. I was like a weird addict, just begging for it inside my head, feeling apathetic and bored and depressed and lazy. But a few weeks ago, Wellbutrin started working well and I have energy and happiness.

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oh man tell me about it, some of the comedowns can just be awful... some days it is just sooooo so so so so dam bad and everything is so scary and awww yeah.

key points;

-> eat alot of food before comedown

[+] oranges,fruit,good meals,etc

-> drink water

-> get enough sleep

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