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What's up with everyone being called "Smurf"?

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Winter Smurfiejust doesn't have the same "ring" to it as Winter Rosie.

Since even WinterRosie's (oops, WinterSmurfie's) avatar changed, I only FINALLY realized who it was when I read "Our name is legion, for we are many".

Admittedly, I hadn't had any coffee yet; it's 8:15 am in MidWest USA and I slept in a little later this morning. Drinking it now, slowly waking up. I volunteered to go out and get the papers we read on Sundays (three!)

Funny April Fool's Day to everyone..... (or should it be Fools' with apostrophe at the very endsince we are are collectively fools and therefore, "fools" should be written in the possessive PLURAL form of the word.....)

FlamelessCandle (Sue)

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