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Well hello all

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:D My name is digger at least on here it is.Wish i could have been diggersmurf but i must have missed that boat.I have been here for a little while just reading and i guess lurking sorry.Wondering if this would be a good fit for me and well it seems to be.I have had issues like most people here have not formally dx'd as of yet but my p-doc and I are working on that.

My wife is also a part of this community and she said I could get some real good advice here.We have a slew of kids they keep me grounded at times which is a good thing my wife is also very helpful to me she understand my wackiness and i understand hers(kinda).

Thanks for reading can't wait to get to know some of you


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Hi there. Hope you get what you need here.

Start talking and you'll make friends here. There are a few rules. They are sensible and just keep the place running nicely. It's worth having a look when you have a minute.



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