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Employer Can't Fire Worker's With Bipolar Disorder - Court Rules

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Here is the press release. I wish the poor guy had gotten more than $50,000

for pay and suffering. It took a lot of courage, and a long time to pursue a suit

like this. And obviously the lawyer was on contingency. He'll be lucky

if he has enough to buy a modest car after all the expenses.

My hat is off to this guy for standing up for himself.

If this suit had been filed in the western part of the state the jury reward

might have been higher.


more info for legal geeks


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I know that his payout wasn't much! He did say it wasn't about the money though and I'm thrilled that he won. Hopefully this will be a lesson to other employer's that they just can't keep discriminating against MI. Heck, I hope it's a message for anyone who holds stigma against MI.

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Remember, though, that his old company would have had to spend the same amount of money for lawyers whether the award was $1 or a million. I always remind myself of that. So they lost, and had to spend a lot of money to do so.

I think it is sleazy for that site to sell the Court order, though. It isn't sealed, so it is in the public domain. If I were so inclined (but I'm not), in a few days, I could go to the law library and make my own photocopy of it.

And I hate that I have forgotten practically every legal term I ever knew. I'm still paying for having learned them in the first place.

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