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I am starting a nasty flu I can tell. I used some vicks but my chest is super tight and I am coughing. Fevery feeling. My eyes are all bleary and I can't focus.

I am trying to find out about drug interactions, I take seroquel 600mg daily and prozac 40mg daily as well as an ambien once in a while as I need it, and temazepam the same.

In my medicine cabinet I have nyquil, mucinex, coricidin, and something generic that says phenylephrine on the blister pack.

I tried to go look up the interactions but I can't focus well enough to understand what is ok and what isn't. I am really worn down and should sleep shortly too

does anyone know if any of these are ok with what I take? or can help me translate from the interaction charts online? I really can't do it myself and I really need just a set of eyes and some hands to type t out for me stupid-style

I didn't know where else to ask but cb, I don't think anyone anywhere else would understand

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i would call the doc because your on more than one perscription that can further affect the interaction until then peppermint tea, tons of fluids and try vics in steaming water, put your face over it with a towel over your head it really works. keep warm and hydrated Feel better soon! ps phenylephrine im prettty sure is sudafed dont take it until you talk to your doc

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Sorry you are so sick Hammock.

I had something similar last week but I went to the doctor, got on an antibiotic

and was better in three days.

I would call your doctor and definitely at least leave a message. You can also call your pharmacist.

I would take the Nyquil. This is what I would do personally. It is obviously not medical advice.

However Nyquil is full of alcohol which is not a wise combination

with your sleeping pill, temazepam.

You don't want any extra phenylephrine with the Nyquil.

Muscinex should be ok also.

But truly Hammock, as sick as you are I would try and get an appointment

with your doctor. I hope you have someone to drive you.

Go see your doctor! :)

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Hammock, if you are running a fever, you should consider seeing your physician. In the meantime, however, if you wish to take an over-the-counter solution to ease symptoms, simply call the pharmacy that fills your prescriptions and ask them what they would recommend based on the meds you're taking. Not only is your pharmacist trained to identify potential adverse interactions, their systems are programmed to flag possible problems as well. Your pharmacist answers this kind of question all day long, and will be glad to suggest something for you.

Bear in mind, that if you are in fact suffering from influenza, antibiotics will be of no use to you at all because the 'flu is a viral infection that does not respond to antibiotics. If, on the other hand, you have something like strep, they might. Only a doctor can tell you.

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yeah I am pretty sure it's flu, antibiotics do not help virus

my pharmacy was not open when I posted, lol

I ended up asking on another forum. someone there looked at the drug interaction charts for me and told me which ones

were a no no. that's all I needed was someone to look at those for me

I'm in bed, with juice to drink, mucjnex, and a vaporizer...

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