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Ativan and Klonopin

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I was recently instructed to take a higher dose of my wellbutrin. Because of this my anxiety has become much worse. I am already taking Prozac on top of the wellbutrin as well as .5mg of Klonopin twice a day once in the am and once in the pm. The reason I am posting is because I wanted to know if any of you have taken ativan or another benzo on top of another benzo that is taken daily like Klonopin. I put in a call to my PDOC but I wanted to see what you guys thought.


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I used to take Klonopin daily, and occasionally Ativan on top of it. Ativan makes me *very* sleepy, so I would inevitably get sleepy when taking them both. I don't think it is like, OMG YOU'LL DIE if you take them both on the same day, but as far as I know, it is best to limit benzo use as you can, to keep the SEs of them down to a minimum.

Of course, if your pdoc prescribed them to be taken on the same day, then it is probably fine.

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I take 2mg of Xanax per day, plus I have a 3rd mg for PRN use. If I am feeling really panicky, and the prn hasn't helped, I take one of my husbands ativan (for seizures). I don't know whether it is the slight difference in mechanism, or that the extra mg of Benzo finally works, but it does work, I managed to breath an benzo my way out of a panic attack the other night.

My pdoc is aware that I do this, and yeah, it is my husband's script, but he basically doesn't use it. My pdoc is fine, because he knows I use it only very occasionally, even though it might mean I end up taking 5mg of benzo that day. But I hardly ever use even my prn. I have probably 100mg of extra Xanax, to the point where my dad (a pdoc) was worried that I was stockpiling for an attempt.

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For a year or so,

I took klonopin

2mg x 2

ativan,1 mg 3x,

My focus on why,

no memory.

I do remember being

quite pissed off,when,

the idiot Pdoc I saw,

3 times,

cut me off the Ativan,

dropped my klonopin by half,


fled to Canada.

I swear,

I had nothing to do,

with his flight from


I was all right with the dose

I had.

the unwarranted change,

by an ignorant Doc.

I thought about burning

A Canadian flag,

what's the use,

unless,it's at a hockey

match,a burning Maple

serves little as a provacation.

What were we chatting about,

yeah the benzos'

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