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Thank you 2 all who replied to my 1st post.

I've been 2 c my pdoc and cpn 2day and have been

given a script for risperidone aswell as the lofepramine  ;)

i hate lofepramine. I don't no if am going to get the risperidone

as i feel shit taking the other. I hate depression.  xxx

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Will reply here because it seems you have found lofepramine considering you are now taking it. You do not mention where you are located but all the information I found about lofepramine came from the UK. I do not know where else the TCA AD is being used.

For more information you might want to read about lofepramine here and here.

Welcome to the site. Check out the Depression board for support, you can introduced yourelf if you want to on The Introduction board, and for more inofrmation and others' experience with risperidone take a look at the Atypical Anti-pyschotic board.


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Thanks ericka,

Am still finding my way round the site. I'm from the uk and have been on many

meds over the years spent time in a psych hospital last year and i don't wana

end up there again ;) . Hope u r well 2day thanks for posting xx

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