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New 27 year old guy here.

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Hello everyone! My names Quinn and I just turned 27 last march.

Hm where to start, well I guess should describe how I look in person so you can kind of put a face to my name. I'm 5'10, slim athletic build and I am of Native American ancestry. I like dressing pretty casual lately and I like to look sharply dressed when Im feeling in a good mood. However when im in a not so great mood, I like dressing low key to avoid attention. I like dying my hair and I am in the process of growing my hair out so its long again.

Some of the things I do in my life are

Writing, whether it is poetry, prose or what not I think writing is just one thing in my life that I will never stop doing. I prefer to handwrite most of my writing when I can, but If i need to write fast I will type on the computer because I have a decent WPM.

Painting with Acrylics and Oil based media, Sketching and drawing

Photography, Photoshop and 3D CGi Art

Producing Electronic music, recording and playing various instruments for fun, however the one im mainly focused on is Piano. I also am learning to sing and Im always learning about music because it's always interesting me!

Modular Synthesizers! I love them and I plan on buying a Serge modular in the near future!

I do Taekwondo and Muay Thai kickboxing, weight lift and lots of running to keep in shape and I also eat a vegetarian diet. I rock climb, go on hikes and I am very much a outdoors person.

I like building computers, fixing them and learning about computer technology. I also have a interest in programming but I have not programmed anything as of yet. I like computer gaming and find modern video gaming development interesting!

I like Arachnids, Snakes, Insects, Canines, Felines, Beetles, Birds and almost every living animal!

Fashion and Architecture is also a big interest and I am always inspired by modern and ancient building designs.

Electronics and Electronic devices are also a very big interest and I like working on DIY stuff quite often! pulling things apart and figuring them out is something I've always done and enjoyed.

Film making and movie editing is something I've done and learned at a school, and I love doing it because it allows me to combine my skills of media development and writing together to develop fun projects. I am working on a script for a short movie that I want to produce in the near future on youtube.

so yah as you can see im a very artistic kind of person that uses art as a means to help me through my depression.

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*native american ancestry

also write poetry, write in general, film (I post all my videos on YouTube) it's a great release and helps me cope with my depression.

You seem very cool, I love meeting people on here who are simular to me.

See you around!


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