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My greetings to everyone from an OCD sufferer

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Don't know how to do good introductions so I will be brief. I am a male, 32 years old, diagnosed with "obsessive neurosis" (not sure about the translation). I guess that must be something like Pure Obsessional OCD but I am not perfectly sure. Here where I live (Argentina) the terms tend to be different. Maybe because of the big prevalence of the freudian psychoanalitical methods and terminology in the way of handling mental illnesses.

My obsessions tend to be focused on health issues, though it is not exactly hypochondria. For example, right now my current obsession is to have an initial startup of a severe wrist arthrosis which in some years will render me unfit for work and thus, condemned to some kind of horrible future of starvation or something like that.

I am currently under meds, clonazepam 0.75 mg distributed in three dosis of 0.25 each during the day, and aripiprazole (Abilify in the US, though the brand name here is different) at 2.5 mg. Tomorrow I will be starting, with indications of my pdoc, with paroxetine at a somewhat reduced dose of 12.5 mg. Hope that my symptoms improve. The aripiprazole was quite successful in te beginning but this last weeks it started to loose efficacy, thus the reason of the augmentation with paroxetine, I think.

Anyway, I did said that I planned to be brief so I think I will cut it here. I salute you all and I hope to find a good place in this community!

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